SEP 22 /2013 – I started working on Ron James Season 5 animation last week at Crush Inc. in Toronto. It’s the short L’l Ronnie cartoon which is part of the half hour comedy show. Based on the childhood of Ron James, it’s set in Cape Breton in the 1960’s.
There will be 5 of these cartoons this season, usually under two minutes.
Re-runs can be seen at:  UPDATE: I finished working on this last November.

JUN 09 /2013 – I’m working on a show called Detenionaire at a studio called Pipeline, in Hamilton.

JUL 30 /2012 – I’m back at crush Inc. animating on season 4 of the Ron James Show. Re-runs can be seen Monday nights at 8:30 on CBC.

JAN 06/2012 – I’ve just finished working on a pilot for a TV series for preschool children, at   Crush Inc. (The Ron James 3rd season finished at the beginning of November.)

AUG 28 /2011 – I’m back at 
Crush Inc. animating on Season 3 of the Ron James Show, soon to be seen on CBC  September 16.
You can still see the first two seasons’s episodes online 

JUL 14 /2011 – “Salome and the Cat”
I am currently animating the last few scenes of this soon to be classic silent opera film.
Written, Directed and Produced by Harry Rasmussen
Silent B&W – Running time: approximately 4 1/2 minutes.
I will post more announcements about this in the weeks to come.

SEP 06 /2010 – I’m back at 
Crush Inc. animating on Season 2 of the Ron James Show, soon to be seen on CBC.  There is a total of 12 X 1.5 minute “L’il Ronnie James” cartoon segments seen in the body of the 1/2 hour shows.
You can still see both seasons’s episodes online 

SEP 12 /2009 – I’m part of the animation team for 
The Ron James Show, which will debut on CBC Friday, September 25th at 8:00 PM. It is produced at Crush Inc. in Toronto. The animated segments in each episode deal with Ron’s early childhood in Cape Breton. The stories are hilarious and fun to work on.

CARSTAIRS UPDATE: The second instalment is 99% complete.

MAR 16 /2009 – Due to no demand whatsoever, I’ve been continuing work on another short Carstairs film. ( i actually started in the spring of last year and stopped when i had an opportunity to work on  “By the Rapids”)

This time Carstairs was storyboarded with Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and animated with Toon Boom Digital Pro software. Much of it has been completed, but it won’t be seen for some time. There might be a trailer in the near future.

Meanwhile, the original Carstairs film can be seen here.  

NOV 17/2008 – I finished animating scenes in the last 4 episodes of “By the Rapids” (Season 1), a 2D TV series produced at Big Soul Productions Inc. in Toronto. (I also rigged 21 incidental characters)  It was animated with Toon Boom Digital Prosoftware.

JAN 26/2007 – I started timing episodes of “Di-Gata Defenders”, a 2D TV series produced at Nelvana Ltd. in Toronto. 

DEC 31/2006 – “Noisy New Year”, a 3D animated greeting goes online just in time for New Years Eve. It was modelled and animated using 
Blender 3D, an open source software package. It also resides in the Screening Room.

DEC 14/2006 – A 3D Christmas Greeting goes online and is distributed via email. It was modelled and animated using Blender 3D, an open source software package.

OCT 25/2006 – “Coffin Capers”, a creepy 3D animated greeting goes online just in time for Halloween. It was modelled and animated using Blender 3D, an open source software package. It resides in the Screening Room.

“Carstairs” in a scene from the film, “Carstairs” which can be found here.

NOV 03/2005 – The animated short film called “Carstairs” is completed and can be seen online. Totally created in Flash, this suspenseful jungle tale will have you on the edge of your seat!

JAN 25/2005 –  The Usherette is completed for the Intro and Screening room.  It was animated using Flash.

DEC 15/2004 The new Flash version of is under construction. Look out for it in the New Year!

MAR 02/2002 I am currently directing episodes of the third season of Rescue Heroes for Nelvana Ltd. Episodes of the second season can be seen at 11:00 on Saturday and Sunday mornings on Teletoon.

MAY 07/2001 was established. The Sympatico address was just too long!      

APR 02/2001 I am currently directing episodes of the second season of 
Rescue Heroes for Nelvana Ltd. Committed can be seen Saturday evenings at 7:00 PM on CTV (Channel 9, Cable 8) in Toronto. It’s based on a daily comic strip seen in the U.S.A. by Michael Fry. The Comic strip can be seen at

SEP 12/2000 The second season of Monster By Mistake can be seen on YTV (Cable 25) Wednesdays at 6:30 PM.

In the first season I directed the following titles:

Fossel Remains   A Special Talent   Entertaining Orville   Back in Time

AUG 02 / 2000 Well for one thing, this page. I am currently directing episodes of Committed, a prime time animated television series for Nelvana Ltd. in Toronto. It is scheduled to air in the new year.

Harry Rasmussen