New classes are available in January  at the Creative Hub and Creative Works in Waterdown. They cover a wide range of subjects including drawing, painting and pottery. This spring I had the opportunity to teach 3 classes: Drawing for Comics – Intermediate 10+, Drawing for Comics – Advanced, and the Portfolio class. This fall I am teaching the Portfolio class again and I am available for 3 new classes beginning next week and in the new year.

I am often contacted directly about the classes I teach, so I created this page of links that can be followed to the respective web sites where my classes are offered (among many others.) Prices and registration info can be found there. Please register through those sites.


Follow the links in the list below for new classes taught by Harry Rasmussen:



Winter Term (Winter Terms starts January 14th)



COMIC ART …Building a comic Strip

Character Design for Animation and Comics

Building a Portfolio for Visual Arts


Introduction to Blender 3D (Winter Term)