“Wilkins” in a scene from the film, “Carstairs” which can be found here.

Classical 2D animated TV ads and TV Series are my specialty, and that experience is also transferable to Multi-Media productions and Website design. Check out the Screening Room for TV ads I have directed. 

(Note:The Live action for Lan Choo was directed by Mark Waters, and the Live Action for  “Mobil 1” was directed by Fred Fink. The live action elements for “New Zealand Post” were directed by myself.)

Commercials originate with an agency script and storyboard that I would refine and submit with final production designs. Upon approval the ad goes into production and is animated by myself or another animator. All the animation in the screening room is done by myself.

Today, many 2D productions are done with Macromedia’s Flash, and the same skills apply. “Carstairs” is an example of  a 2D Flash film where I have created everything and animated it too.

Although I have a classical 2D background, I had 2 successful seasons directing episodes of Monster By Mistake, which is a 3D series. The transition was an easy one as my knowledge of storytelling, photography, design and storyboarding were applicable to this medium. I worked with a crew of 7 animators and 3 lighters in my unit, and planned the storyboards, timed them, and dealt with voice recording, editing and post-production. In the first season of MBM, I directed the following titles:

Fossel Remains   A Special Talent   Entertaining Orville   Back in Time

Following the second season of MBM, I was hired to direct episodes of “Committed” for nelvana, followed by 2 seasons of “Rescue Heroes”. These were traditional 2D shows, and the work mostly involved dealing with the voice recording, editing, storyboard supervision & revisions and post production. The actual animation was done at overseas studios.

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