Harry Rasmussen

Canadian Director / Animator / Comic Creator
(Somewhere near Toronto, Ontario)

I’ve had a long career as a director, storyboard artist and animator on many TV series and TV Ads. I have also found time to do a few personal films between jobs and tried 3D animation, using Blender 3D.

Recently I have explored the creation of various comic strips as can be seen in the Comics section of this site. My experience with designing characters and drawing storyboards has made it an easy transition, allowing me to explore ideas without the time consuming process of animation. Many films are based on comics so I see it as Pre-Production for future films.  There is also a market for longer format comics, or “graphic novels” (and merchandise) so that is worth pursuing.

I frequently post new comic (and less frequently Animation) content, so keep checking this site and subscribe to my social media to stay in the loop.

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