NZ Post – Directed, designed and animated by Harry Rasmussen in Sydney, Australia

My background is classical animation, and I have been employed as an animator for many years, After working on Hanna-Barbera cartoons in various studios, I started animating and directing TV Ads in Sydney Australia.  Upon returning to Toronto, Canada, I continued to animate TV Ads. After a brief period drawing storyboards and small animated projects, I’ve been a Director on several animated TV series: “Monster by mistake”, “Commited”, and “Rescue Heroes”. In recent years, I’ve done cut-out animation for the Ron James Show, and designed and animated episodes of ‘Can You Imagine That?” for TVO. Between paying jobs, I have created some independent animated films. Snake Oil is one example.

You can see examples of my work as an animator in a this Animation Montage Video and in the links below.

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