lulu_10A page from a Little Lulu storyboard, drawn for Cinar.

As a director, I’ve done numerous storyboards as a starting point for my TV commercials. As a TV Series Director, I’ve thumbnailed entire boards for Monster By Mistake, and revised many boards on Committed and Rescue Heroes.

As a storyboard artist, I worked on the following shows: Blinky Bill, Arthur, Little Lulu, The Adventures of Paddington Bear

You can find samples on this site:



“Play it Again, D.W.” From the Emmy winning series produced at Cinar (Storyboard credits on this show are always on the opening titles.)

Little Lulu

“Polly Patrol”  Produced at Cinar

The Adventures of Paddington Bear

“Paddington Passes Through”  Produced at Cinar

Digital Storyboards are commonly created at most major studios these days. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro is the choice of most professionals. I have used it on my latest Carstairs project, which will be seen whenever it is appropriate for my marketing strategy.  I can tell you that it is a very efficient way of producing a storyboard in a paperless environment, and  the end result is a .pdf file for easy printing and you can add sounds to get a jump start on the editing process, as well as exporting the animation files for  Toon Boom Digital Pro

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