Originally posted on OCT 25/2006 – “Coffin Capers”, a creepy 3D animated greeting returns just in time for Halloween. It was modelled and animated using Blender 3D, an open source software package. It also resides in the Screening Room in the old flash site.

The character you see is one that I have been developing for many years, originally as a comic and a 2D animated character. When I bought an Amiga computer in the 90’s, I made some early attempts to model and animate it in 3D using a program called Imagine (which was abandoned by the developers years ago}. This was before Toy Story existed! Eventually, I discovered Blender 3D and found that it had matured as a useful program in 2006 and this is the result. I completed another short project for New Years, which can also be found in the Screening Room.

I found myself busy with several jobs after that and other 2D projects of my own. I may revisit this character again as I have so many assets to work with.