UPDATED AUG 06, 2014 One of the main reasons I decided to change the website is that Adobe Flash is no longer supported on many devices, including Android. It all started when Steve Jobs decided Apple would no longer support Adobe Flash on their mobile devices. I have an alternative HTML site, but I noticed that some of the pages would break on some browsers and not others, so I want an unbreakable site that looks good on any device. Even a basic WordPress blog is an improvement.

I also decided to have the option of hosting some web comics with a navigation system. They are best seen on a computer (not a mobile device). I scheduled some mock-up comic pages to load for a week until I prepare some real comics.

The site is on Hostupon now. They still seem to be a good deal. Never pay for your domain registration for life. You need the extra infrastructure to run WordPress and Comicpress.

Comicpress is a theme that is used in many web comics found online.You also need to install the Comic Easel plugin. The documentation is a bit patchy, as the software has evolved a lot over time.


When you go into cPanel in your domain, there are tools to install WordPress very quickly. There is also a redirection tool in cPanel which make you bypass the default page and show the WordPress site that is installed in any location on your server. You can install WordPress in several folders to experiment with different themes and redirect to the one you like.

You can create pages on any web authoring program like Kompozer (free) Select the page and paste it into your posts and pages. I find I can change and resize fonts easily this way. There is a way to use google fonts in WordPress, and it is explained in this video, which will give you a really good overview of how WordPress works.

There are plugins to customize how different themes get shown on different mobile devices, or you could make a different blog for mobile devices, but that seems to be more work. I ended up using the Jetpack plugin with its mobile theme that automatically streamlines your site for visitors on mobile devices.

Start with pages as menu items. Posts are different from pages and only should be used to add to a blog feed. On my site they are under the “Blog” heading.

Bottom line: There will be less of the original site visible at first glance, bit it’s still there if you want to go to the Site Map. It just might not be supported by your device. I recommend a newer PC with flash plugins installed on Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Harry Rasmussen